Wheelchairs -$3 per hour with $50 deposit

Strollers - $3 per hour with $50 deposit

Lockers - $4 with unlimited in and out.


You will need the Guest's Name, Phone #, Gate they are planning to enter, and Date of their visit.

When you have this information you will call:

Dennis - 403.978.6479


Where can I rent a stroller, or Wheelchair?

  • There are three locations on park:
    1. Big 4 Building, north end, right beside the stairs on the first level (Main)
    2.  North end of park, near the entrance of Boyce Theater. (OLYMPIC)
    3. In a brown shack across from Erlton Entry (SOUTH)

Can I drop my rental off at a different location?

  • Yes. Please let them the booth know that you wish to do this at the time of purchase. 

Can I get picked up at the gate?

  • Yes. Red barn rentals will meet at the gate with a wheelchair. One should reserve in advance in order to get this service.