What are the Relay  Races?

  • This fast paced event will happen nighty July 9 – 12, 2018  immediately following the final chuckwagon heat of the night.  Five teams  will compete in a relay exchange race where each team sends one rider racing  three times around the track – changing horses each lap in a chaotic exchange  zone in front of the main grandstand.  The winning team is the first rider  across the line on his third horse. 
  • Watch the Relay Races from the 2017 Calgary Stampede here.


Where are the Relay  Races?

  • The  Relay Races take place in the Grandstand as part of the GMC Rangeland Derby. 



  • July  9 – 12, 2018 following the final heat of the night during the GMC Rangeland  Derby. 




Do I need a ticket to spectate?

  • Yes,  the Relay Races are part of the GMC Rangeland Derby which is a ticketed event.  Tickets are available at the Calgary Stampede Box Office or online at  calgarystampede.com.  


Will there be a line up?

  • There  may be a lineup when you initially enter the Grandstand building due to volume  of guests arriving at once. Lineups may also occur at the washroom facilities  and concession stands. 


What time do I need to  arrive?

  • We  recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to show time. 


Is there an age  restriction?

  • There  is no age restriction.