Is  parking available on Stampede Park? 

  • During the Calgary Stampede, parking is  available predominantly at the north end of Stampede Park.
  • Parking is available on a first come first  serve basis and is $25 per day. There is no re-entry. If you leave, you will  need to find a space and pay again. 
  • There is some reserved parking available if  you would like to ensure a space. Please contact our parking office at 403.261.0153.

Can  I park my RV or trailer at Stampede? 

  • There is no public parking for RV’s or  trailers on Stampede Park property. The nearest parking available is the  Walmart parking lot located at 1100-3800  Memorial Drive NE.

Can  Taxi’s and Uber’s drop off or pick up at Stampede Park? 

Taxi: there  are three designated locations on Stampede Park where Taxi’s queue or pick up. 

  • Erlton Entry located at the  south end of Stampede Park
  • 14th Avenue & Olympic Way  SE at the north end of Stampede Park 
  • BMO Centre/Cowboys Casino at  the north end of Stampede Park


Uber:  are permitted to pick up and drop off at Stampede Park, however they do not  have a designated area. 


Is  there Car to Go parking available at Stampede Park? 

  • We offer some designated parking for Car2go users. This parking  is located on the north end of Stampede Park outside of Olympic Entry on 13th  Avenue at 5th Street SE.

Where  is the nearest train or bus stop? 

  • There are two C-train stations adjacent to  Stampede Park. Victoria Park/Stampede station is nearest to our Main Entry.  Erlton Station is nearest to our south entrance named Erlton Entry. City  transit buses are also located near these stations. 

Can  I walk to Stampede Park? 

  • Calgary is a very walkable city and  depending on where you are coming from, walking is a great option to visit  Stampede Park. The City of Calgary has some detailed information on pathways  and trails which can be found here

Is  there motorcycle parking available at Stampede Park? 

  • Yes,  we have assigned motorcycle parking in all of our parking lots. 

I  am getting dropped off at Stampede, where is the best place to be dropped off? 

  • For guests who are being dropped  off or picked up, there is a cell phone pickup waiting area north of Stampede  Park, outside of Olympic Entry near 14 Avenue and 5 Street SE. At the south end  of Stampede Park, the pickup area is located at 25 Avenue and Stampede Trail  SE. 

I  am arriving by limo, town car, etc. Where can I get dropped off? 

  • Please instruct your driver to drop you off  at the south end of Stampede Park which is accessed off of 25th  Avenue SE.