What  is the Hitchin’ Post?

  • The  Hitchin’ Post is a Calgary Stampede food and beverage venue located in the  infield of the Grandstand. 
  • Enjoy a  cold beer and a BBQ’d Gourmet Chuck Burger 
  • Enjoy  the live action from the incredible two-level patio 
  • Seating and shade with an awesome view of the last  turn on the track


 Where is the Hitchin’ Post located?

  • In the Plains Junction Patio which is at the north  end of the infield of the Grandstand.


Hours  of Operation

  • July 6-15, 2018 from noon to 9 p.m.
  • The infield closes when the Chuckwagon races end as  we will be preparing for the Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show and fireworks
  • All guests must exit by 10 p.m.


Do  I need a ticket? 

  • During  the rodeo, you must have an infield ticket to access the Hitchin’ Post. 
  • During  the GMC Rangeland Derby, any guest with an evening show or rush chuckwagon  ticket can access the Hitchin’ Post.

How  do I get to the Hitchin’ Post?

  • Guests  can access the Hitchin’ Post through the pedestrian tunnel to the infield  seating area. The tunnel entrance is at the north end of the tarmac (concrete  area between the track and the Grandstand seating). Look for the stairs down to  the tunnel along the rail of the track. 


Is  there accessible access? 

  • During  the rodeo there is a track crossing at the north end of the tarmac. There is a  wooden platform which can be used for wheelchairs that would cross the track at  ground level. 
  • During  the chuckwagon races, wheelchairs can cross the track before the chuckwagons  start and then again after the chuckwagons end. This crossing is at ground  level and is through the dirt on the track. Alternatively, guests can take the  vehicle tunnel around, however that route is quite a distance. 
  • At  the Hitchin’ Post bar, there is full accessibility. 

What is the menu? 

What forms of payment are  accepted in this venue?

  • Stampede Bucks
  • Calgary Stampede Food & Beverage Vouchers
  • Cash

Are minors permitted?

  • Minors are permitted when accompanied by a parent or  guardian.