The Range- Lower Level Big 4 Building 

Spolumbo's Sausages

OPA: Greek Salad, Caesar Salad(no crouton), Protein Skewers, Vegetarian Falafel

SOUTH STREET BURGERS: Gluten Free Bun- Burger, Turkey Burger, Garden Salad

SUBWAY: All Sub Sandwiches when ordered on Gluten free bread except Pizza Sub

NEW YORK FRIES: Fries, Poutine

ANEJO: All Taco's ordered on Corn Shells

The Road House - Upper Level Big 4 

All items ordered on Gluten Free Bread, Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Country lane chicken

Buckle Up Platter-with gluten free buns

Western Oasis Wine Garden- Hall D&E BMO 

Charcuterie Board

Canadian Cheese plate

Flambéed Pasta-Gluten Free pasta

Takori (BMO #1) 

Beef Bulgolgi Imperial Roll

Fried Chicken Drummette

Asian tuna poke nachos

Foreign Concept (Motts Clamato House) 

Soya Braised Beef Brisket Taco

Pork belly taco

Korean Fried Chicken Taco

Spicy Tuna Taco

Chili Prawn taco

Ag Grill 

All Burgers on Gluten Free Buns (Burger, pulled chicken and Bison)

Chicken Finger and Fries

Cowboy Salad Bowls

House Salad

Cowboy Breakfast/Breakfast sandwich

Nutrien Event Outlet 

All Burger on Gluten Free Bun (Beef and Chicken)

Smoked Brisket Sandwich

Chicken Finger and Fries

Fruit Cup

Vegetables and Hummus

Honey butter Chips

Hitchin Post 

Char grilled Burger on Gluten free bun

French Fries


Chicken Wings

Loaded Nachos and cheese

Grand Stand Outlet 

Rodeo Burger on Gluten free bun

Chicken fingers and fries

Vegetables and Hummus

Loaded Nachos with cheese

Mexican Burger(plant based-GF bun)

PB on Main level 1 

Alberta short rib sandwich

Grandstand 2nd Level 

Spolumbo's Sausages


Chicken fingers and fries

Grill Burger on Gluten free bun

Fruit Cup

Vegetables and Hummus